Linux Training

Linux is a very popular Operating System used in server, desktop and mobile computing. Linux platform is the first choice to host Database, Email, Applications and Web. Most of the world class companies are running on Linux be it Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Amazon and the list never ends. The popularity of Linux among individual as well as company guarantee promising career. The fun of hands on Linux further adds to it. But in order to attain the needed skills, one has to walk through the necessary training and also be exposed to quality content plus instruction from experienced instructors. Therefore, are you a beginner or simply have intentions of upgrading your Linux System Administration skills, then below is an assortment of some great offers for you to take advantage of on Tecmint Deals to attain the required Linux System Administration skills

Linux for Beginners

This course is particularly aimed at introducing persons with completely no past knowledge of Linux, you’ll walk through the necessary ins and outs from Linux installation to high-level skills.

Get to learn the following skills:

  • ▪ The basics of Linux with 67+ lectures and 6 hours of quality content.
  • ▪ Take advantage with zero previous knowledge of Linux.
  • ▪ Install a web server and database server with ease.
  • ▪ Master advanced command line approaches.
  • ▪ Get a step-by-step checklist and video that enables you learn how to install WordPress on Ubuntu Linux system.